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Employee Testimonial

JayName: Jay
Job Title: Applications Engineer-ISD
Division: IMAGINiT

How long have you been with the company?
I have been with the company since March 2008 and really enjoy my work here.

What do you like most about your job and the organization?
I really enjoy my job here because my success is really in my hands. My managers take the time to listen to me and find out what I would like out of my job and do their best to make those things happen. So success depends on where I want to go and how hard I want to work to get there. The everyday work at IMAGINiT is challenging but at the same time, if I run into something that I just can’t figure out, the rest of the staff is a collection of very intelligent people who are always willing to help me or any class I am teaching. One other thing that I enjoy about the work is that I can go from trying to teach a surveyor how to bring in data, to teaching a site engineer how to grade a site, to teaching a highway engineer how to design a roadway in Civil 3D. I have also had the opportunity to learn new software and hardware.

As for working for IMAGINiT as an organization, my favorite thing is the people that work here. It doesn’t matter if I am talking to the CEO, or if I am talking to another AE in a different vertical. Everyone here is always willing to help out and I feel like I could go grab a coffee or bite to eat with anyone in any office. On several occasions I have been traveling throughout the US and Canada and been invited to a sales person’s home for dinner or to watch a football game. Just all around good people.

What do you think candidates would most like to know about the organization?
It has been my experience that when you come to IMAGINiT there isn’t anyone to stand over your shoulder and tell you to get things done. There is a certain amount of self-discipline that you need to get your job done well. I think it is important that new employees know that they are never out there alone and that there is no way they already know it all. By that I mean to say that they should realize that there are many people here that will help them out when they need it. All they have to do is ask. IMAGINiT has come a long way in getting new employees up to speed with what they need to know by implementing an onboarding program.

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