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Rand Secure Archive Provides Easy Data Access Option for HP Autonomy EAS Customers

Rand Secure Archive’s EWA tool offers businesses a quick and low-cost alternative to securely access their existing EAS Data


Rand Worldwide (OTCBB: RWWI), a global leader in providing technology solutions to organizations with engineering design and information technology requirements, announces its Rand Secure Archive (RandSA) division is offering relief to organizations impacted by the end of life announcement for the HP Autonomy EAS data archiving solution. Rand Secure Archive’s proprietary EAS Web-Access (EWA) online application enables users to remotely access their EAS data at any time via a secure web interface.

“When dealing with legacy data, companies facing the formal end of life of their HP Autonomy EAS solution are left ill prepared to determine an unplanned and unbudgeted investment in a new archiving solution,” says Chris Grossman, senior vice president of enterprise applications at Rand Worldwide. “However, we believe that keeping your legacy EAS data alive, secure and accessible for every user shouldn’t force your IT department to delay or cancel other projects in order to make this one a sudden priority. Customers have been pleasantly surprised to learn about our quick and inexpensive EWA tool in their time of need.”
Migrating Legacy EAS Data
Moving EAS legacy data to a new system can be a daunting task and burden to any IT department. Depending on the organization’s data retention policies, the data may need to be accessible for periods as long as seven years or more. Converting and migrating existing EAS data to a new platform could take months or years and may prove costly. In addition to the time and upfront costs, there are also ongoing EAS client maintenance fees which would continue during this period.
A Quick and Cost-Effective Approach
Rand Secure Archive’s EWA tool was developed specifically to enable secure and easy access to EAS data via a remote web application until a move to a more comprehensive data archiving platform is feasible. The EWA tool dramatically simplifies the process of migrating data by allowing customers to access all their legacy EAS data through a simple web interface that does not require an EAS license to operate. This saves customers from having to purchase the EAS maintenance program while still offering all their users instant and secure access to all EAS data.
Rand Secure Archive’s EWA web client also has intuitive search and retrieval functionality. Files can be sorted by file type, name, date and size. With no software to install and troubleshoot and no maintenance fees, EWA is a flexible solution that can be used as long as the organization needs to securely maintain and access their legacy data. This tool is the first step on the path to a more complete data archiving solution such as the one that is available from Rand Secure Archive. 
Rand Secure Archive’s EWA solution provides organizations with a flexible interim solution as they transition their data from the HP Autonomy EAS platform to a full-fledged data archiving solution. Three key benefits of the Rand Secure Archive EWA web client include:
  • Flexible, affordable and fast to implement ― hours instead of months or years
  • Legacy data doesn’t need to be migrated, saving time and associated costs
  • Keeps EAS data secure and immediately accessible without EAS license or maintenance fees
Free Analysis Now Available
For a free analysis of how Rand Secure Archive’s EWA solution can quickly and cost-effectively address the multiple challenges of accessing legacy data caused by the discontinuation of HP Autonomy’s EAS solution, call 877-443-8042 or visit www.randsa.com.

About Rand Secure Archive
Rand Secure Archive, a division of Rand Worldwide, offers North America’s first and only Autonomy powered data archive, compliance and discovery technology for small to mid-sized organizations. For more than 20 years Rand Worldwide has been delivering technology solutions to customers. For the last 15 years the company successfully implemented and supported Zantaz enterprise email archiving solutions. Companies relying on CAD for their design engineering needs, IT, engineering, architectural, healthcare, legal and other organizations work with Rand Secure Archive to implement world-class data archiving and management solutions.

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